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The Battle of Bannockburn
Chess Set

Over 700 years in the making

The Battle of Bannockburn was a brief moment in time that changed the history of Scotland.  

An epic tale no better told than in the trilogy “The Bruce” by Scottish Historical Novelist Nigel Tranter, a book and volume of heritage which inspired the creation of this (so far) modestly historic Chess set. While Nigel Tranter is not longer with us, his legacy lingers wherever these magnificent pieces are ghosted across this equally magnificent chess board.

Wherever you are in the World, and whether you are fiercely Scottish or merely intrigued, this pieceof history in the making is for you and your family to own and to cherish FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.
The 700th Anniversary Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set

The extraordinary team at Stirling 1314 delivers a piece of history to adorn your home - Cottage to Castle

Among the pieces in this stunning chess set, you will find 32 different Players and Places, all of which played vital roles on the long path to the Battle of Bannockburn: most featured over the two days of battle; a few played their parts far away from the conflict; and few had passed before 1314.
All their contributions on that road to the final conflict - good or bad - earn them their place in this chess set.
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Elizabeth de Burgh, wife of Robert the Bruce, was held prisoner in England for eight of the years of Bruce’s campaign and was only released in the aftermath of victory at Bannockburn, in trade for captured English Nobles.

In any tale told of Scotland’s struggle for freedom, it is impossible not to include Sir William Wallace who gave his life, not for a throne or personal gain but for an ideal - the freedom of his nation. Wallace was betrayed and taken captive to London where he was hung, drawn and quartered. That was a long nine years before Bannockburn, but it was his selflessness in that cause which challenged the conscience of Robert the Bruce, eventually spurring him into enduring and decisive action.

For the English, Bishop Hugh de Cressingham was appointed Chancellor of Scotland by Edward I who briefed him to do as he wished to make his charges’ lives a misery. It goes without saying that he was hated with a passion by the Scots. In a fruitless campaign against Wallace, he was slain at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and his body flayed, to provide souvenirs for the victorious Scots and fine sword tabard for William Wallace!

These and many more are immortalised in history and captured for you again in the finest Pewter craftsmanship. But on the long and bloody road to Bannockburn, the relentless quest for freedom is the hero. Nowhere will you find that story told with more imagination and passion than in Nigel Tranter’s epic historical novels, "the Bruce" Trilogy, the books and writer that inspired this chess set. If you have not read the tale, then perhaps leading your pieces into battle across the epic Bannockburn Chess Board will inspire you to do so.

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Robert the Bruce

Chess pieces and board hand-cast in solid Pewter

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The impressive Battle of Bannockburn Chess Board

The impressive 520 x 520 board is metal-edged with 64 inlaid pewter playing squares

All the squares in this stunning, metal inlaid board carry the thistle of Scotland or the rose of England. The corners are the royal seals of ROBERT THE Bruce and Edward II while the remaining corners carry the unique 700th anniversary heraldry.

cry of a nation


John W Morgan - Founder Stirling 1314
Bannockburn is a word of magical power for Scots. Bellowed at the sky or muttered under the breath, those three syllables conjure images of stubborn warriors, of faith in a dream, of clear-eyed determination to see the job done and damn the consequences. Such belief was in the very heart and soul of Robert the Bruce, who found the path to immortal victory at Bannockburn. Opponents who face one another across this majestic chess set should take inspiration from a man who never gave up, who understood that the strength to fight on comes from within.
Let the game begin.

What our customers worldwide think about our chess sets

For some years, I have had the pleasure of owning Stirling 1314’s Robert Burns Chess set and have now taken delivery of their stunning Battle of Bannockburn Chess set.

We have both these sets on display in our home and very proud to be the owners of two magnificent works of art, for that is what they are.  Make no mistake, chess is a wonderful game but how much better when you’re playing with pieces that represent real characters, steeped in Scottish history and holding so much significance.

Our Robert Burns set was one of the first in the edition and came with a wooden chessboard. I am delighted to say that Stirling 1314 has made it possible for me to replace it with the new metal board: inlaid with quotations from the Bard’s work in his own handwriting, it is simply stunning.
Whenever I play or hold the pieces, I am always taken by the crafted representations from the wonderful mind and life of Robert Burns.  And now, I have the Battle of Bannockurn set. Having been brought up on Scottish history, enhanced by reading as many Nigel Tranter books as I could find, just looking at the pieces is like having those volumes reinforced and reinvigorated in my mind.  

When friends and business associates visit our home, the Burns set is always admired. We have played with the set many times. Although none of us of us are chess masters, it’s the artwork and artistry of the set that I love. Now, with our Bannockburn set, there is an additional decision to be made –Burns – or Bruce?.  

Many thanks to John Morgan for putting together two such wonderful concepts and I can only hold the service of Stirling 1314 in the highest regard.

Brian Johnstone

Nicholls, ACT, Australia

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My two all-time heroes are Robert Burns and Robert the Bruce. When I discovered the amazing Stirling 1314 Battle of Bannockburn and Robert Burns Chess sets, I couldn’t choose between them, so I had to get both in the end!

I’d love to show photographs but, unfortunately, both sets are now in storage awaiting my home refurbishment to complete. The chess sets are going to have pride of place in my new bar area, and photographs will follow in 2023. Such unique and beautiful products, it was my great pleasure to unpack, enjoy and, sadly, pack up again!

Well done to John and the team for the care and attention to the superb detail apparent in these chess sets. And thanks to John also for introducing me to the books of Nigel Tranter – I really enjoyed his Bruce trilogy. I am really happy with both sets and can’t wait to put them on display - and let the games begin!

Alan Docherty

Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia

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I have always been interested in medieval history and I love my Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set! The chess-piece characters are beautifully designed and the pewter chessboard is magnificent. It is very different from a chessboard made of wood. In fact, we like the beautiful images of the Scottish Thistle and the Tudor Rose of England so much, that my wife went looking for the same images on the internet. As you can see from the photograph she found two glasses with the same seals.

To be honest, I am not a good chess player myself, but this wonderful set is a great asset to our home. In a way, it is adding to the history of our house which was built in 1513 - only two hundred years after Bannockburn, and is now a cultural heritage. I am grateful to you, Stirling 1314, for such an excellent transaction. It would not have been possible without you.

I hope you like the pictures, taken by my daughter Aletha Buitink @alethabuitinkfotografie.

Robert Adriaans

Zierikzee, The Netherlands

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“More than 25 years ago I took my wife and three children to Disneyworld to visit the newly built Epcot Center, an educational and cultural center for so many nations of the world. And it was there, in the British Pavilion, I first saw the" Battle of Bannockburn " Chess set.

“As a young man I was never passionate about the game of chess, although I do remember playing with an onyx chess set from Mexico. And so it was, that I fell in love with the Bannockburn Chess set - as a stunning piece of Art, not necessarily for the game of Chess!

“Since then, this imposing set has been on display in our home as a piece of Art and has led me to a much greater interest in the game. I used to play with my son Harrison, but these days he keeps winning so I have decided to dedicate my attention to my grandson, Corbin, who recently turned 8. Corbin has shown great interest in the set and the story of Bannockburn. It turned out he had already learned to play chess, and this set suddenly kindled his interest.

“I suspect our Bannockburn chess set will realise a great deal of use in the next generation. Maybe more…”

Herbert Wreschner

Naples, Florida

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As a professional photographer, it is important to have equal professional objectivity on any commission, but I was then asked by John Morgan to photograph his Bannockburn chess set. I was immediately attracted to its beauty and artistry - and fascinated by the origin of the idea: namely the Robert the Bruce Trilogy by Scottish historic novelist, Nigel Tranter.

Three outcomes resulted from the photo shoot. Firstly, within days I found and began reading the Bruce Trilogy, without doubt one of the most incredible adventure stories ever written. I have now read it twice!
Secondly and thirdly, John got the photographs he wanted, and I was delighted to go home that night with my own Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set!

Ever since then, throughout our many nomadic moves, Robert the Bruce and company have been on display in the Horne family home. But in all that time, I have always wanted the set to have its own space. So, I am delighted, that this year, having settled in Monsempron-Libos, France, I have made a special simple table and our Bannockburn set has pride of place in our new home.

Apart from being a delight to play, the set is truly beautiful - a creative work of art - and has been a constant topic of conversation with our visitors throughout our travels.  
How fortuitous to think that I was able to trade a lifetime of pleasure for a good days’ work!

Bill Horne

Monsempron-Libos, France

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