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32 different Players and Places

'Quality design, hand cast in solid pewter'

Robert the Bruce - King

Not just a chess set – a family heirloom

Only by picking up your first Battle of Bannockburn Chess piece can you truly appreciate the years of development and outstanding craftsmanship, both in modelling and casting, that has gone into creating this epic set.

It took over two years of working with Legendary Scottish Historic Novelist, Nigel Tranter: two years of research, debate and model design before the 32 individual pieces were finalised, and the first Battle of Bannockburn Chess set pieces were set out for play on the equally stunning, chess board.

The impressive 520 x 520 Board is metal-edged, with 64 inlaid pewter playing squares, embedded in each corner with the seals of Robert the Bruce, Edward II , and the 700th Anniversary Bannockburn seal.

The set comes complete in its made-to-measure, gold embossed, leather cloth presentation box, complete with our dedicated 28-page Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set Booklet and Framed Limited Edition Certificate.

This is a big set and tips the scale at an impressive 21kilos (45lbs) making it one of the most impressive, collectible luxury gifts available anywhere - which is why so many Stirling 1314 Chess Sets find their homes on every Continent. Except Antarctica. So far!

Nigel Tranter OBE

“It was reading Nigel Tranter’s epic "The Bruce" Trilogy that inspired me to create this amazing chess set;

“the minutely detailed illustrations that guided our every move were by costume historian, Andrew Spratt;

“and the final touch of magic came from the hands and imagination of Steve Trickett, Model maker and Dragon Trainer extraordinaire! (1954-2016)

“The rest, as they say, is history…”

John W Morgan, Stirling 1314