Their place and effect in battle, however, was limited and it was the custom for those armed clerics to stand off from the heat of battle and allow those more dressed and trained for the occasion to do their bit, joining the conflict only when it was clear their help was needed.

So it was for the Monks of Cambuskenneth, many of whom gathered with William Lamberton on the Tor Wood Hill to watch the battle unfold below on the field of Bannockburn. Only when it appeared that the Scots were beginning to wane against such oppressive odds, it was Lamberton who led the charge downhill – a rag-tag army of famers, cooks, men and women in service and monks, waving knives and swords, cooking ladles and poles, with blankets and sheets for banners. At distance, they appeared to both armies as reinforcements and in that moment, the course of battle was changed.

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