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32 pieces 32 stories, 32 moments captured in time

'Quality design, hand cast in solid pewter'

Robert Burns - King
How often do you find a chess set where the chessboard is every bit as stunning as the chess pieces?

All 32 playing pieces in the Robert Burns Chess Set are different. So too, all 32 “light” squares carry different quotations from some of Burns’ best-known words and rhyme, in the style of his own handwriting.

We had finished creating the superb chess pieces, but we knew there was something missing; looking closely at the pieces ready for play, there seemed to be no connection between the beautifully crafted metal chess pieces and the wooden board. Indeed, the polished wood seemed to drag back what was trying to escape from these impertinent and demanding pieces. What was needed was a way of representing the words and the genius of over 600 Robert Burns poems and songs.

And so, was created the impressive 520mm x 520mm board is metal-edged with 64 inlaid pewter playing squares, each of the light squares is embedded with a different Burns quotation.